Source code for flask_login.mixins

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
    This module provides mixin objects.

from ._compat import PY2, text_type

[docs]class UserMixin(object): ''' This provides default implementations for the methods that Flask-Login expects user objects to have. ''' if not PY2: # pragma: no cover # Python 3 implicitly set __hash__ to None if we override __eq__ # We set it back to its default implementation __hash__ = object.__hash__ @property def is_active(self): return True @property def is_authenticated(self): return True @property def is_anonymous(self): return False def get_id(self): try: return text_type( except AttributeError: raise NotImplementedError('No `id` attribute - override `get_id`') def __eq__(self, other): ''' Checks the equality of two `UserMixin` objects using `get_id`. ''' if isinstance(other, UserMixin): return self.get_id() == other.get_id() return NotImplemented def __ne__(self, other): ''' Checks the inequality of two `UserMixin` objects using `get_id`. ''' equal = self.__eq__(other) if equal is NotImplemented: return NotImplemented return not equal
[docs]class AnonymousUserMixin(object): ''' This is the default object for representing an anonymous user. ''' @property def is_authenticated(self): return False @property def is_active(self): return False @property def is_anonymous(self): return True def get_id(self): return